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Charning’s knowledge and determination has inspired me in the utmost. He is a very loyal and honest person. For 20 years I have had people tell me that I cannot do trading, but now Charning Peters told me that I can do FX trading. He is a person who you want to be with and learn from. He is the best of the best.

Ariyo Fagbohunge
FX Trainee Trader

Charning has seen me struggle with 5 kids. He took me in and taught me how to trading and how to become a professional. Ultimately he has influenced my life and made me become a better father, too. I thank Charning Peters and his great influence upon me.

Niall Toussaint
FX Trainee Trader

Charning Peters has shown me what I can to achieve through trading FX. I wanted to become a football coach for deaf people and Charning’s goal is to make sure that I know what to do with my life. I have been working with Charning over a year, his teaching has been one of the most powerful impacts on my life compared to any others.”

Olansile Atoyegbe
FX Trainee Trader
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